Tuba Agartan


Contact Information:



Howley Hall 205


Ph.D. - Sociology Binghamton University, State University of New York

Brief Biography:

Her research interests are at the interface of social policy and sociology with a focus on comparative health policy, professions and health care reform, global health and governance.

Area(s) of Expertise:

Sociology of Health and Illness, Health Care Reform, Comparative Health Policy & Global Health

Awards and Honors:

Committee on Aid to Faculty Research Grant Providence College

Certificate, Takemi Program in International Health T. H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health

Certificate, Strengthening Human Resources for Health T. H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health

School of Professional Studies Providence College

Strategies for Reframing Micronutrients (with Jesse Bump) UNICEF

Selected Publications:

Agartan, T. (2019) Conceptualizing professional and public interest in the context of Turkey’s health care reforms. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy.

Agartan, T. (2019) The Politics of Healthcare Reform in Turkey by Volkan Yilmaz. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. xv 267 pages . (60),

Agartan, T. Kuhlmann, E. (2019) New Public Management, Physicians and Populism: The Case of Turkey. Sociology of Health and Illness.(41), 1410–1425.

Pavolini, E. Kuhlmann, E. Agartan, T. Burau, V. Mannion, R. Speed, E. (2018) Healthcare governance, professions and populism: Is there a relationship? An explorative comparison of five European countries. Health Policy.(122), 1140-1148.

Elveren, A. Agartan, T. (2017) The Turkish Welfare State System: With Special Reference to Human Capital Development.

Kuhlmann, E. Agartan, T. von Knorring, M. (2016) Professions and Governance.

Agartan, T. (2015) Devising and Implementing Health Workforce Policy in the Turkish Healthcare System . Health Policy.(119), 1621–1626.

Wendt, C. Agartan, T. Kaminska, M. (2013) Social Health Insurance without Corporate Actors: Patterns of self-regulation in Germany, Poland and Turkey . Social Science and Medicine.(86), 88-95.

Agartan, T. (2012) Marketization and Universalism: Crafting the Right Balance in the Turkish Health Care System. Current Sociology.(60), 456-471.

Agartan, T. (2012) In Adem Yavuz Elveren and Saniye Dedeoglu (Ed.), Gender and Health Sector Reform: Policies, Actions and Effects.

Agartan, T. Choi, W. Huynh, T. (2007) 1760-1848: The Transformation of the Capitalist World. Boulder:

Agartan, T. (2007) Epidemic of Health Care Reforms. Istanbul:

Selected Presentations:

Agartan, T. 26th International Conference of Europeanists. Council of Europe (CES), Madrid, Spain - "The Global Dynamics of Turkey’s Journey to UHC as a Lens for Identifying Potential Challenges for the Global Agenda" June, 2019

Kuhlmann , E. Agartan, T. 11th European Public Health Conference. European Public Health Association, Ljubljana, Slovenia - "Healthcare governance, professions and populism: is there a relationship?" November, 2018

Agartan, T. Grand Challenges 2018. Gates Foundation, Berlin, Germany - "Solvathon" October, 2018

Agartan, T. International Conference on Global Dynamics of Social Policy . University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany - "Exploring Global Dynamics of Turkey’s Journey to Universal Health Coverage " October, 2018

Agartan, T. 24th Global Development Conference. Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Boston - "Turkey’s Journey to Universal Health Coverage" March, 2018

Agartan, T. Correa, G. ‘Doing’ Comparative Social Policy Analysis in a Changing Global Context. Lingnan University, Hong Kong - "Practicing Global Social Policy: The Case of Argentine Network for International Cooperation (RACI)" December, 2017

Agartan, T. Kuhlmann, E. European Health Policy Group Meeting (EHPG). London School of Hygiene and Topical Medicine and King's Fund, London - "New Public Management, Physicians and Populism: A Comparative Analysis of Healthcare Systems and Stakeholder Involvement in Germany, Sweden and Turkey " September, 2017

Agartan, T. Annual Conference of the Research Committee on Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy (RC19). International Sociological Association RC 19, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - "New Public Management Reforms and Professional Autonomy: The Case of Turkish Health Care Reform" June, 2017

Agartan, T. International Congress of Europeanists. , Washington, DC - "Paper: Examining Large Scale Policy Change in the Turkish Health Care System: Symbols, Myths, and the New Ways of Framing the Reform Initiatives" March, 2014

Agartan, T. Twentieth International Conference of Europeanists . Council for European Studies, - "Transnational Social Learning As a Driver of Health Policy Reform in Turkey" June, 2013

Agartan, T. Workshop for the forthcoming book New State Spaces – Economic and Political Geographies of Turkey. Istanbul Policy Center, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey - "New State Spaces: Granting Autonomy to Public Hospitals" June, 2013

Agartan, T. International Sociological Association: Welfare States Facing Global Turbulence, Ageing and Migration; Rising to the Occasion, Coping or Adjusting Downwards?. International Sociological Association: Welfare States Facing Global Turbulence, Ageing and Migration; Rising to the Occasion, Coping or Adjusting Downwards?, Oslo, Norway - "Politics of Health Care in Turkey; The marketization of post-socialist health care system: A case study of public hospital reform in Guangzhou City, China." August, 2012

Agartan, T. Annual Meeting of Research Committee 19 on Poverty, Social Welfare, Social Policy. International Sociological Association (ISA) Research Committee 19, Oslo, Norway - "Politics of Health Care Reform in Turkey" August, 2012

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